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We have invented the ultimate noise-blocking microphone, hidden inside the ear bud itself – you’ll
be heard clearly anywhere you are, even onstage at a rock concert. With RippleBuds, you never
have to worry about losing your voice in the crowd.

This even applies to voice recognition services like Siri and Google Voice Search, where
background noise can ruin voice commands and make voice recognition unusable. Confidently
issue commands without having to shout, RippleBuds will help make sure they register every time.

Not only have we eliminated ugly mouth pieces while increasing voice clarity for hands-free calls
and voice recognition, we’ve also provided you with wireless, stereo audio so you can listen to your
favorite music when you’re not deep in conversation.

And you never have to be without your RippleBuds when using their discrete carrying case, which
recharges your RippleBuds in your pocket when you’re on the go.

The time for a better ear bud has arrived: make waves with RippleBuds.

Untether your life, make waves

Because of RippleBuds unique design and portable charging, you can bring
them anywhere where the day takes you. Whether it’s a business call on a train
or listening to music that gets you up a mountain, RippleBuds is the only
product you need in your ears.

Make every word count with crystal
clear communication

Our in-ear microphone isolates your voice from the noise of your
environment, allowing you to keep the world around you out of your
conversations. With RippleBuds, nothing will get between you and your
friends, family, and business.

Your voice just got more powerful

Voice control is an exciting premise that is often hampered by background
noise. RippleBuds makes sure your voice commands reach their
destination without any interference, allowing you to confidently utilize
voice control software without ever needing to shout

Your music and your ears together at last,
no strings attached

Most headphones aren’t built for phone calls and most headsets aren’t
built to listening to music. RippleBuds doesn’t make you choose between
conversation and music, but lets you have it all in one product. Enjoy
stereo audio without being tied down by wires.


In-Ear Microphone

We have invented a brand new kind of microphone for RippleBuds, one that
sits inside the ear itself.

By picking up your voice directly from your ear canal, RippleBuds insulates
your voice from any outside sound.

Further, RippleBuds is designed so that the ear bud speaker never gets
picked up by the microphone, truly allowing you to have your whole world
of communication within your ear.

Voice Recognition

Voice control services like Siri and Google Voice can be difficult to use in
environments with sound in the background; you might end up having to
shout to cut through noise, which can be awkward in public places.

RippleBuds keeps the noise away from your voice so voice control services
always work perfectly at a normal speaking volume.

Also, RippleBuds lets you answer your incoming calls with a simple “Yes” or
“No”, leaving your hands free to go about their business.

Device Loss Prevention

RippleBuds knows how far away your connected device is.

If you wander more than 30 feet from your device, RippleBuds will give you
a notification that you’ve gone too far and are leaving your device behind!

With RippleBuds, you’ll never accidentally lose your connected device.


RippleBuds utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology (4.1), allowing you to
connect wirelessly to your favorite devices.

RippleBuds not only provides a stereo audio experience, but also includes an
embedded microphone for conversations.

Once connected, you can move freely through space without dealing with
tangled wires or surprising snags.

On top of all this, the buds themselves are the smallest on the market
today, providing maximum comfort with a minimal profile.

Portable Battery Case

When not in use, you can store and recharge your RippleBuds in their
portable battery case.

By carrying enough power to fully charge your RippleBuds 3 times, you’ll
never be without your RippleBuds when you need them.

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